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Hand Therapy Sessions in Prince George

Whether you are recovering from a traumatic injury, struggling with repetitive strain or dealing with a degenerative disease, hand therapy can help. Hand therapy is an amalgamation of art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb- hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle. This therapy helps in reducing pain, optimizing healing and improving function. The licensed hand therapists at Victoria Sports Physiotherapy Clinic use specialized skills in assessing and treating your diseases and injuries of the upper quarter effectively. Don’t wait; schedule a hand therapy session at our Prince George clinic today!

We treat the following conditions:


  • Amputations

  • Burns

  • Central nervous system disorders

  • Congenital differences/anomalies

  • Cumulative trauma disorders/repetitive stress injuries

  • Dupuytren’s contracture

  • Flexor/extensor tendon injuries

  • Fractures/dislocations/joint instabilities

  • Infections

  • Inflammatory and degenerative arthritis

  • Multiple system traumas

  • Pain-related symptoms

  • Peripheral nerve compressions, injuries and disease

  • Post-mastectomy/post-radiation lymphedema

  • Psychogenic disorders involving the upper quarter

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Tumours and cysts

  • Vascular disorders

We also treat various medical and surgical interventions, such as:


  • Amputation revision

  • Fracture fixation/bone graft

  • Scar revisions

  • Joint synovectomy

  • Tendon transfer

  • Tissue transfers

  • Nerve decompression

  • Arthroplasty

  • Ganglion removal

  • Nail bed repair

  • Ligament repair

  • Nerve grafts/nerve repairs

  • Tendon grafts/tendon repairs

  • Skin grafts/flaps

  • Joint reconstruction

  • Joint releases

  • Neurolysis

  • Soft tissue releases

  • Tenosynovectomy

  • Nerve block/sympathectomies

  • Replantation/re-vascularization

  • Use of pharmaceutical agents

  • Injections

For more information on our hand therapy treatments, call or visit us today!

Chronic Pain?

Our certified hand therapists will help you manage your chronic pain. We’ll devise a unique treatment plan for your needs.

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